The Story of the Hive

It was the summer of 2015 and the buzz was all around about the new kids on the block. Soon after, the buzz became real and Beehive Extracts opened to grow into a premier cannabis extraction company based in Portland, Oregon. Beehive Extracts continues to work hard to perfect their unique process using custom solvent formulas along with a cryogenic closed-loop system to create award winning live resin and concentrates. In 2016 the Moonshine's Ghost Train concentrate was chosen as the winner of Dope Magazine‘s Oregon Dope Cup “Best Live Resin” category. How awesome is THAT?!


Building relationships with premier growers allows Beehive Extracts the ability to source only the best material to work with. This is key to making connoisseur level extracts rich with terpenes that maintain the benefits from the plant as a whole. The Beehive experience is for the headz, and they will continue to maintain their drive to be the best in Oregon.

Our Menu

Deadhead OG • SAUCE

Grown by Cannananda

71.6%THC • 0.86%CBD

Gorilla Grape • TERP SUGAR

Grown by Euphoria Farms

73.5%THC • 0.50%CBD

Banner #5

Grown by Braveheart's Private Reserve

73.6%THC • 0.50%CBD

The Wook • SAUCE

Grown by Lucky Lion

63.0%THC • 0.25%CBD

Dog Walker OG

Grown by Euphoria Farms

68.0%THC • 0.60%CBD

Golden Pineapple NR • SAUCE

Grown by Canananda

64.8%THC • 2.90%CBD


Grown by Tyler D's Trees

74.4%THC • 1.18%CBD

Dutch Treat

Grown by Elevated Agriculture

75.8%THC • 4.0%CBD • 3.5%CBG

Sour Tangie • TERP SUGAR

Grown by Elevated Agriculture

78.6%THC • 0.55%CBD

Motor Breath

Grown by Deschutes Growery

78.5%THC • 0.41%CBD

Twilight's Limit • TERP SUGAR

Grown by Euphoria Farms

75.7%THC • 0.39%CBD

Blueberry Cookies • TERP SUGAR

Grown by Elevated Agriculture

82.9%THC • 0.35%CBD

Cherry Sunset • TERP SUGAR

Grown by Elevated Agriculture

79.2%THC • 0.65%CBD


Grown by Euphoria Farms

59.9%THC • 0.0%CBD

Space Gorilla

Grown by Euphoria Farms

67.9%THC • 0.46%CBD • 12.6% Terps



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